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Postdoctoral Positions

We are not actively recruiting postdoctoral scientists to our team at present, but we encourage senior graduate students and postdocs to reach out to discuss possible collaborations.

Graduate Positions

Admission to the graduate program is administered through the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences. Applications are accepted annually with a deadline in December and recruitment decisions are typically made by March. Interested candidates are welcome to notify us of their intention to apply.

Undergraduate Positions

Undergraduates interested in gaining research experience may apply at any time for volunteer research assistant (RA) positions. Roles in the lab depend on skills and experience, but may include: participant recruitment, running behavioural and neuroimaging experiments, performing literature searches, presenting in lab meetings, and analyzing data. If you are interested, please send us:

  • your CV, emphasizing research experience and technical skills
  • a brief statement of why you are interested
  • your academic transcript (a screenshot is fine)
  • your weekly availability

In general, undergraduate RAs are expected to contribute at least 6 hours per week to the lab, and preference will be given to applicants who intend to develop research skills over a longer period.